Sides & Shots

10 Feb

As you might know already, I’ve been working on a selection of sides/one-shots for the “Nick & Dogface Series”, especially to accompany the story LOVE. I’ve already posted CLOSET MONSTER, Leslie’s Favorite Memory, but there’s three more to go… Here’s the banners, leave a comment or send a tweet about which one you’d like to see next… Right now, Oliver’s winning, followed by Presley…






“What’s gonna come next?”

6 Feb

I’ve got a long ways to go with Love, but I’ve already got a couple people poking around asking what’s gonna come next. So I thought I’d share with you guys a couple titles/banners whose storyboards have crossed my mind in the last few days… If you see one you’d like me to focus on more for the next “new story”, comment below… Otherwise, enjoy the glimpse into my brain. 😉


Title: “Newb”
Tentative Summary: JR Wilkers is seventeen years old, and desperate to make it to the top. He’s sure he’s got his golden ticket when he wins a contest to be mentored by a successful musician in a reality TV series premiering in the fall. Until he finds out the successful musician is none other than Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, who hasn’t taken his job seriously in years…

Title: You Don’t Know Me
Summary: In order to win a bet, Nick makes up a fake personality and goes trolling online for women that will sleep with him without knowing who he is. He never dreamed he’d fall in love with one of them.


Title: Interception
Tentative Summary: 1999: a group of NASA scientists decide to send a message into outer space. After much debate, they agree upon sending out a signal carrying the year’s hottest hit music single – the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way”. 2013: Nick Carter goes mysteriously missing…

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes of Landing

24 Jan

So I’m sitting here chatting to Karah about the Landing storyline and how it’s metamorphosed from it’s original outline. It really has been a dramatic change from the original story I intended it to be.

For example, it’s not really Ashley’s fault that she and Nick didn’t get married in Vegas two chapters ago because Henry Jackson was not supposed to be alive. If he hadn’t been alive, and they hadn’t taken that trip to Kansas, then Ashley would’ve married Nick two chapters ago at the capable hands of Minister Elvis on the Vegas strip. That’s how the original storyline went.

But some alterations were made along the way, some storyline tweaks, and the next thing I knew the trip to Kansas and the drama following it had lasted six Before chapters, and that was way more than I meant to spend on Ashley’s parents and then the After chapters had to be modified, and I found myself writing the words that closed out the chapter where they leave for Vegas. The Big If statement.

Now the ending of Landing is completely different than it originally was, altered by Henry’s appearance in Ashley’s life and her emotional reaction to his existence. It’s like Landing’s become a whole other story. And maybe some of you would’ve preferred the original story, but I think you’ll like this one, too.

Just get ready for a ride because the next few chapters are gonna be crazy

Something Beautiful: the project begins

15 Jan

Sorry about the lack of Landing updates this weekend. I had a lot of hours at work (some that I wasn’t expecting), and also my classes started today for the Spring Semester. I had very little writing time, and then, when I did have time to write, I started working on a major undertaking: the latest (hopefully greatest) revision of “Something Beautiful”.

I posted a couple weeks ago about the idea I had of writing this revision, and I’ve masterfully managed to procrastinate the actual process of starting it, but tonight… I don’t know. One of my new professors at school sort of reminded me of my mom and when I got home, Karah and I were chatting about eBook publishing methods and I started playing with cover designs for this concept and the next thing you know, I’d pounded out about 6 pages of content.

It’s exhausting, this story, especially this version of it, and even more especially this portion of this version.

But it’s going to be worth it in the end.

In my experience, most soul-exploring is exhausting, but the more exhausting it is, the more worth it it is in the end, too.

Just keep that in mind next time you feel exhausted over thinking.

And remember you heard it here first, from the Llama. 😉


Note: You can check out the page/cover art for Something Beautiful “2.0” here, but be forewarned most of the content of the story is password protected, as I plan to publish the story when it is completed and the story itself is only available on here to particular beta-readers. If you’re interested in being a beta-reader for this story, please let me know. Comment here or contact me on Twitter @writerbrat and give me a good reason to pick you to be one of my beta-readers. (And please don’t get offended if I don’t pick you even if you do contact me, just understand I can’t have EVERYONE reading it before it’s published if I’m gonna publish it… you know? It’s not personal.)

I have a little secret to share with you…

8 Jan

As LAUNCH comes to an end, I have a little secret to share with you:


It’s only just begun.

See, the story I originally intended LAUNCH to be is nothing like it turned out. The story of LAUNCH is almost entirely back-story for the one that I actually outlined. LANDING is that story.

And it’s coming soon.

Pssst… want an exclusive peek at the first chapter? Click here.

Exclusive Story Preview

4 Jan

I posted the prologue to a new story I’m going to be working on that, until I wrap up Launch, will be exclusive to my website. The story is called You Don’t Know Me. Please let me know what you think of it!

A few ideas I’d like some feedback on…

3 Jan

So I was talking to Karah (the owner of My-Confession) in a text earlier about our future writing aspirations, and one of the things that  came up was my ongoing struggle with finding a way to make Something Beautiful an original, publishable story. I’ve tried this many ways over the last — wow has it really been almost three years since I wrote the fan fic version? — and even before then, when I was trying to do the OF version initially… But I think I’ve finally figured out the problem I keep encountering. To explain the problem, I gotta back up to the inspiration.

See, Something Beautiful was not like other fan fic stories I’ve written where I’m listening to a song or thinking about the Boys and a story pops into my head. It was based in truth to a certain point. The idea for something beautiful began as something that I said in 2007 to my mother, who was dying of Leukemia. She always wanted to go to Alaska, and she never got to go and in her last few days I was constantly imagining just taking her away from the machines and the doctors, and some miracle would happen, I told myself, where she wouldn’t be sick anymore and everything would be just fine and all the bad crap would just dissolve into nothingness. I imagined all of our problems going away just by leaving that place.

I listened to “Open Your Eyes” by Snow Patrol on repeat and dreamt that this was possible.

Of course it isn’t, but I harbored the dream long after she was gone that if I’d just done it, if I’d just packed up our suitcases and we’d just set off that she’d still be here today.

So I tried many times to write it because that’s how I deal with things I don’t want to deal with. I write them and they seem further away and less connected to reality and I dream that the things I write are reality and real life is the dream and things feel better. But I couldn’t write it. I didn’t know how to write it then. I wasn’t a developed writer, I wrote in sentences that tripped and tumbled over each other. And besides that, it was too raw, too painful.

Then I went to school and I grew and I learned and eventually the idea came back to me and instead of owning it, I turned it into fan fiction, an art that I’d been toying with for years in my spare time. And the magic happened. Some of you remember how Something Beautiful happened, like torrential downpour I wrote that whole story in less than a month, and it is, to this day, the piece that I’m most proud of.

But now I want to rework it. And not just in the sense of using Find and Replace to take out “Nick” and “Brian” and other Backstreet Boys related terms and dropping in some other names. Not in the sense that I want to write about two singers and a girl taking off to avoid telling the world their secret. Rather, I want to tell the story that the story is really based off of.

I want to write a story where my mother and I journey into my imagination and I hold onto her and keep her from going away. I want to write what I wished could’ve happened then, when I told her about my idea, before she passed away. I want to rewrite my mother’s memoirs, I want to rewrite my own history and see what could’ve been if we’d left like I’d wanted.

I wanna write my mom getting to see Alaska.

It’s gonna be a hell of a long journey, a lot of research and thought and hurt is going to have to go into it, and I’m not positive I’m ever going to be the same once I get it out, but I really think if I can do it like I’m imagining that the story will really be something, will really mean something to others besides myself. Maybe it’ll even change a few lives, who knows.

Any thoughts?

Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Well we’re into the last 12 hours of 2012. There’s several things I’ll remember about 2012 – from finally seeing Nick Carter perform a solo concert to moving to Nashville to all of the celebrities that we’ve loved and lost in the past twelve months (you do realize over 200 celebrities died this year, right?). But hopefully 2013 will be even better. We’re looking at 20 Years of Backstreet in a couple months, and opportunities to live, grow, and experience life in ways we didn’t opt into in 2012 and before. I’m excited about joining BSB Biggest Loser with my co-Llama, Jen, and some of my best budz. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) what will be the last full year of school, and the prospect of becoming a better, happier person. So cheers, 2013, please don’t suck!

Everyone remember to drive careful if you’re going out, have some fun if you’re staying in, and be amazing no matter what.

In fan-fic land, I’ve updated the site with TWO chapters of Launch (a before and an after!) and also the entire story After Self, which is nominated for a Felix Award this season (or at least its banner/visual summary is – LOL).

Time to party like it’s 2013!

A couple updates…

29 Dec

During the night, like Santy-Claus, I came in and put a few new updates on the page, including a new chapter of Launch, and the entire story Fear of Flying, which is actually where the whole Llama thing really began. I hope you enjoy the stories!

Live long & love Llamas!

“What is happening After?”

28 Dec

The funny thing about storyboarding is that the story never turns out the way you originally planned for it to. Case in point: the story Launch.

When I storyboarded Launch, it was a completely different tale than it is turning out to be. Not because what happens in it is any different or the characters have altered, but because I changed the perspective of the story. Instead of starting at the beginning of my story, I backed up and started Before the beginning. And it’s created a dimension of mystery and curiosity that I hadn’t originally planned for in the outlining process of the story.

Of all the comments on this story that I’ve received, I’d say more than half of them have included the question, “What is happening After?” And my answer has consistently been, “Nobody is going to guess it before I drop it.”

And guess what? Nobody did.

And even after reading tonight’s update… you still might not.

Let me know what you think of the update, and what you think is going to happen next After…